Kleiman Off Road Racing

Mark Kleiman started off road racing after an officer told him to get the racing off his highways.  Thirty years later with multiple off road championships under his belt, he passed that talent onto his sons, Cody and Kyle.  


He recently stepped out of the driver's seat and now schools from the spotters tower. This is the the teams 4th year driving in the Pro Light class of TORC (The Off Road Championship).  Marks boys have a great driving record both off and on the track.  Cody, age 25, has had his share of struggles this season but found himself on top the box with a 3rd place finish in Round 12 at Charlotte, NC.  Kyle, 21, currently 2nd in the points championship run has won 5 times including the last 4 in a row.  All this with missing the first 2 rounds of the season in Dallas, TX.  The season will conclude in Crandon, WI, Labor Day Weekend.