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GROWING UP IN MONTANA, Jared Fitchett wasn’t a stranger to cold
temperatures but Siberia was a whole different story. Shooting a reality
TV show for the Discovery Channel, Fitchett traveled across the globe to
brave the cold, a foreign land with foreign languages and equipment that
looks like it’s been in action for quite some time. During his months in
Siberia and training on Ponssee equipment, he decided to move into the
cut-to-length business and had one of his busiest year in western

HAVING LOGGED SINCE AGE 18, Matthew Fitchett operates a 2002 Ponnsse
Forwarder. He began working with his brother and father when the
workload got to be too much for just Jared.

JARED AND HIS RUSSIAN FRIEND RUSLAN. They met while Jared was in Russia
filming a show for the Discovery Channel.  Jared found they have a lot
in common, “They wanted to work hard and making a living just like us.”
This photo is from Ruslan’s recent visit to Jared’s operation in

HEADING DOWN THE ROAD is Matthew Fitchett in his 2002 Ponnsse Forwarder.
Cut-to-Length logging serves small family businesses like J.Shar. Timber

DAN FITCHETT has his 2007 Kenworth T-800 mule train with a 2000 Alpine
trailer loaded by his son Matthew in the Ponsse Forwarder.

JARED FITCHETT heads down an incline in his 2001 Ponssee Ergo Harvester.
The rugged machines have given Fitchett “one of his best years” logging.

STANDING ON A LOG DECK IN RUSSIA, is Jared and his good friend Ruslan
who he met while he was on the reality TV Show “Siberian Cut.” The two
are now good friends with Ruslan coming stateside to visit Jared.